63 AGLOCO Signups

Well AGLOCO continues to move, it is starting to take off. Already within a week there is 63 sign-ups, not bad with 7 direct referrals. I believe most of the individuals who signed up were personal friends in me, and willing to invest their time into building something because I referred it to them. I truly appreciate the input, and gratitude to my friends, if it were not for you guys I would not be where I would be today.

AGLOCOSome people are scared of the idea of installing a toolbar on their computer, although most of everyone already has a google toolbar installed. It is similiar concept, yet we get paid when other people install the browser. Simply because, instead of google getting paid massive amounts of money when people use their search engine, and click on their ads, they get paid. We now get a share of the revenue, did you know, YouTube is going to move towards giving revenue back to their users I hear.

If you are still wondering about AGLOCO, and curious message me. There is no cost to get started, easy to do, and it could be a huge thing in the next two years. If you are too scared to take risks in anything, and free is to big of a risk for you, I wouldn’t be reading this blog. Seriously, unless you don’t like the idea, the AGLOCO idea has some major potential is spreading across the web, and to think its to risky is crazy, it doesn’t cost a thing.

There were tons of people who were generating large amounts of income off the old toolbar, the company crashed, they paid out to many commissions, now they are reverting to shares/cash, so they do not crash again. I believe the will suceed, and focusing some of my efforts to building an AGLOCO team. This would put three assets in my pocket. My adsense buisness, real estate income, and AGLOCO income, all passive, all residual, all working without me.

Never will I work for a paycheck. Neither should you have to, to signup for AGLOCO click here.

  • It’s nice to see you working hard and 63 is a nice achievement, but AGLOCO isn’t gonna free many people from their boss. That is becoming one of the more used cliches used nowadays.


  • I agree with you Allen!

    I use that to much, but I still feel storngly about it like robert kiyosaki!!!

  • How many total you got now bro?

  • I enjoyed reading your agloco blog. I’ve bookmarked your blog.