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Bryan Baker Dot Com

I never knew so much about the blogosphere untill my buisness friend I met on, BuisnessProdigy, showed me a blog of an individual by the name of Jon Waraas.  Now however much of a loser Jon Waraas is, (I say loser, because thats basically the themes of his sites.)  He had some interesting information about making money through affiliate programs and arbitarge, a 19 year making I heard around $20,000-$30,000/month.  Little did I know, the community of success driven people was just a click away.

There is a tremendous amount of entrepreneurs on the web that we can network with and talk to, it is always intersting to see what others do.  There is a Donald Trump blog, a blog by Ryan Allias, a 22 yr college drop out who has a 5 million dollar per year company, there is John Chow, some crazy affiliate guy who makes acouple thousand dollars a month of his blog.  And all types of people, a wealth of information, that I never knew about.

So I figured I get started, my personal blog isn’t so much about whats the latest and greatest way to make money, or increases traffic on your site, or that sort of stuff.  It is more just a perosnal out, where I rant, and type without spell check and just flow… from my mind!!!

So I’ve found it an interesting source a way to express ideas, and of course there are good ideas in here, but the main goal is to connect, and let my friends know what is going on.  I helped my friend Steve Ramil start a blog, although he had a couple of posts there hasn’t been anything lately.  Then I helped Marques Alexander get a blog going, but he never got to it.

But then I helped my friend Bryan Baker get a blog going, and he would have goten one already, but no only does he got a blog he has been actively promoting it, and building it.  Now introduced to the whole affiliate, and google adsense environment which may not have been a realitly a while ago.  It is cool to see people.  As my first return, and 2nd term back from school my focus has really been to help people and inspire people with the OSU Real Estate Club, I believe I did a fair job, and alot of room for improvement.  8 weeks of recruiting and promoting, and then 9 weeks of more promoting and actually doing public speaking and setting of events.

I’ve really been able to sharpen my sword, I’ve been reading books on how to better present, and anyways, I was writing this post because my friend Bryan Baker is doing some good stuff on his blog, and I think you will find some helpful information and another entrepreneur, whom is going to have massive success in life.  And the simple little disicplines starting now, is already, dramatically, greatly, separting, if not separated himself from the crowd.  So lets continue to do new things, and try new things, and fall on our faces by failing a couple times to reach succeess on the high self.

Its 4am, I’m just programming away with my web 2.0 project, wow I got some cool stuff, its going to work! 500hours put in, and 500 hours to go!

Wes get back to work hah!

Although, I really try to be positive, and I am, and always positive around other people, and be inspirational.  But sometimes, and for a good reason, I just have to get down to buisness, and just tell people the facts.  Like most people won’t even read a book on how to become successful, or like the scenario I just ran with the RISE conference.  Why don’t people do theses things?

Well wes, maybe they don’t want what you do, but I would guess if we asked them, they would want to be successful, maybe they just don’t know.  Maybe I’m just sometimes to hard on people to think, why don’t they do this, it could help them out so much.  I guess just some of the mysteries that I will never know.

But check out for some good information, updated daily.  Besides, then you don’t have to listen to me rant about crazy stuff at 4am in the morning when everyone is asleep, I’m working on a buisness project.

Lol just realizing that, its funny 🙂 I work while others sleep.

RISE Conference

Still programming.

Oh, I accidently missed a midterm today, lol. Good news however, plan is in effect to travel to Dayton, OH March 28th-31st, for the RISE conference which is the 7th annual Global Student Investment Forum with over 200 colleges a ttending.

RISE Conference

Some of the spakers include:

  • Ralph Alvarez

    President and COO, McDonald’s Corporation

  • Paul S. Atkins

    Commissioner, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Peter H. Coors

    Chairman, Molson Coors Brewing Company

  • Robert C. Doll

    Vice Chairman, Global Chief Investment Officer Equity, BlackRock

  • Pat Dorsey

    Director of Stock Analysis,

  • Dr. Bob Froehlich

    Chairman, Investor Strategy Committee, Deutsche Asset Management

  • Dr. James E. Glassman

    Senior Policy Strategist, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

  • Dr. Jan Hatzius

    Chief U.S. Economist, Goldman Sachs

  • Reverend Jesse Jackson

    Founder & President, RainbowPUSH Coalition, Inc.

  • L’Ubomir Jahnatek, CSc

    Minister of the Economy for the Slovak Republic

  • Knight Kiplinger

    Editor in Chief, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

  • Marc E. Lackritz

    Co-CEO, Securities Industry and Financial Market Association (SIFMA)

  • Louis Navellier

    Chairman and CEO, Navellier & Associates, Inc.

  • Dr. Guillermo Ortiz

    Governor, Bank of Mexico

  • Robert L. Reynolds

    Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer, Fidelity Investments

  • Dr. Myron S. Scholes

    Chairman, Platinum Grove Asset Management and 1997 Nobel Laureate in Economics

  • Michal SeweryÅ„ski

    Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland

  • Dr. Gary H. Stern

    President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

To name a few, best of all the Oregon State University College of Buisness, Department of Finance is paying for most of it. Hmm, it rewards to join organizations which offer growth opportunities.

The Finance club has about 20 active members, there are 3 people going on the trip. Wow, an event like this, with that many great speakers, you’d think more people would join of course. It is only costing the people going $275, and the school covers the rest, for a 3-day workshop with presidents of banks, and all types of people, international colleges coming.

Comon, this stuff is so easy, we just got to position ourselves to where we can take advantage of opportunites. And more importantly, when they present, act.

Alot of people are going to miss out, beacuse they’d like to have fun in spring break…….

Back to work wes.

Is it risky to leave school to work on your business?

Alot of people have expressed their opinions to me that leaving school is pretty risky. But is it really?

I’ve dropped out of school a year ago, worked on buisness for 6 months and came back. It is really not that risky to leave school. Just to make this clarification, when I left school, I left, and did I leave quick.

I worked, worked, and worked everyday while I was out of school building my network-marketing buisness, Prepaid Legal Services, which by the way do provide a very great plan. Anybody who has payed for an attorney knows the are expensive. So here I was trying to build my buisness, after about 5 months everything sort of hit the fan.

I was lost, my buisness had crashed and I met another gentleman, his name was Richard G, and little did I know, that we would embark on another buisness project in the hopes of making a fortune of an excess of $100,000,000+, yes thats millions. Although, I’am not 100% certain, it pretty much turned out to be a scam, called a Federal Trade, and we worked 3 months trying to put together, little did I know, the transaction I was trying to put together was a scam. I diddn’t know, so I was working my butt off, we even flew to Sacramento over night to meet the buisness partner there to dicuss details, we getting funding for a Language Company, that was supposively developing a product that would let you speak over a phone to another person with a different language, and speak with 100% fluency.

Well turned out the five founders of the company, or I should say two of them, were raising capital and stealing everyone’s money.

Anyways, after about 3 months of that, I was back at my house, that crashed too obviously. I diddn’t even continue, I don’t want to get arrested for something stuipid. So, I started working on my Engine Site again, for a month, untill I school was starting.

I decided to go back, and I thought I would have to go through a long process. I called OSU, and they picked up, and said all I have to do is register my classes online, like I would normally do if I was enrolled.

As long as you leave in good standing(which I sorta diddn’t do because I dropped out and diddn’t take my finals, resulting in bad grades). You simply have to register your classes again for the next term.

So it is really not that risky, if you are interested in maybe taking a term off to focus on your buisness project, simply do not sign up for classes the next term.  Do your buisness, and if you like to return to school, just register for the classes as long as you are still in good academic standing.  So you can give it a shot, you can return, not a problem, at least a Oregon State University.

So should you, you can, it really depends on what you would like to do.  But you can, you can always go back, pretty much whenver you want, so you can take a risk.  Hey, whats missing 2 terms really going to do in the scheme of things?

Plan Set Into Action

This was a very interesting visit to my parents this week.  We are having alot of family issues, my parents are talking about moving, my home is litterally like a warzone.  It is seriously, not even safe for me to be there, and I do mean that literally.

I’ve withdrawed from 2 of my classes, I’am going to complete the last 2 I’m enrolled in, finish out the term and take leave.  After discussing with my parents, they were surprsingly recepetive to the idea of me leaving to San Fran, and we are going to make things work.  Things are moving, and I’am already starting to focus on what I’d like.

Alot of people are suggesting that I goto school, and then when the buisness starts to take off, leave school then focus on the buisness.  Although it is like, why should I goto school, and then leave after the buisness starts to take off, is it not inevtiable that I will probably leave anyways?  Why not focus on the buisness first, instead, so I do what needs to be done now, and not put school in the way for no reason at the moment.

Within 6 months from now I should be down in San Francisco, building my web 2.0 buisness.  Although I’am doing it as we speak, if you are not familiar with web 2.0, my friend Bryan Baker put an awesome web 2.0 video explanation on his blog.

We have to be very careful on whom we accept advice from; I’m following in the footsteps of Robert Kiyosaki. He was poor and homeless for 9 months of his life. People said, why you don’t get a job, he and his wife lived in a friend’s home for those 9 months.

With my recent plans to move down to San Francisco, and talking with some close friends they can not believe that I would do such a thing. You’re not going to finish school? What happens if it all fails, you can’t just get rich quick wes? Why don’t you just get a job, what happens if your business fails, what will you do then. You’re making a huge mistake by not going to college.

That is why the title of my blog is what it is, people think I’m crazy, although what they don’t realize is that I’m not interested in being secure, I want the risk, I want to start a business, and quite frankly, I refuse to get a job, and that’s why everyone is recommending finishing school, so I can get a job. That just pushes me even farther away from school, people just don’t understand.

And theses people, although I love my associates who give me advice, and are really just looking to help me, although they do not have the lifestyles in which I want to live. I do not personally have a very few amount of people I know who are successful entrepreneurs with businesses which are systematic. Most of the people, in fact only 5% of the population is not financially independent, that means 95% of the people YOU know aren’t financially independent.

It simply comes down to this basic idea, “If you buy someone’s opinion, you buy their lifestyle.” You got to be careful from who you accept advice from, if you haven’t read Robert Kiyosaki’s on the cash flow quadrant, you’ll know what I mean.

Just down to earth advice: People will suggest you what to do, and why you should do it. Do those people really know you, are they rich? If there not, you shouldn’t be listening to them, or do so, but very cautiously. I do not personally know anyone rich yet, although I have my books, and I know what they did, and they did what most people do not do. No one in my family of many people has a real entrepreneurial business.

I’m like the outcast, one person, who rebels against the system. Or they say, but Wesley, all of your old businesses have failed. Well yes, sort of. Maybe the businesses have failed, but every time I learn. Matter of fact, I plan on loosing more and more, I’ve lost than most people have, and because of that I will succeed more than others. If I got a job, because I wanted to be safe and secure, that is failure to me, to settle down, and be less than I can be, and settle for a monthly paycheck. NO, I’m not going to do that.

People act like you have to go to college to be successful. I’m not going to sit here and take the advice from other individuals who are not rich, when what I want to do, is be rich, so I listen to those who are rich. I love my contacts, I appreciate them, but sorry, I’m going to do, what others do not do, I’am going to do the exact opposite than the masses.

Ryan Allis is a 22 year old entrepreneur, his company grosses around 5 million a year, he said college can wait. Thomas Edison never went to school, Bill Gates dropped out of college, Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook dropped out of college. My parents friend Mike Merifield, I don’t even believe finished high school and he does multi million dollar deals, it is just extremely crazy the idea, that you have to go to school, and you are making a big mistake if you don’t go to school.

This is a rant, but it comes down to the simple idea, that you don’t have to go to school, if you are not passionate about school, and want to start a business, well do that, and that is success, doing what it is you want to do, and doing a good job at it. Success isn’t going to school; success is whatever you want to do in life, and doing it.

Hey if my business fails, which some probably will, that’s great, I’m going to keep going, and make it happen, and so should you my entrepreneur friend. Again, that is why my title is what it is, because I’m going to do what most people think is irrational, all I’m doing, is what the rich people do, and since most people aren’t rich or don’t think like rich people do, most people do not understand. I’am going to force myself as in the early post. I HAVE TO MAKE THIS WORK, AND I WILL MAKE THIS WORK, I’AM GOING TO PUT MYSELF INTO A SITUTATION WHERE I HAVE TO SUCEED.  FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, I’LL BURN THE SHIPS AND CANNOT GO BACK, I MUST SUCCEED AND WILL MAKE IT WORK AND YOU WILL SEE TOO WITHIN 5 YEARS.

I’m Done With School – San Fran

regatta_011sized.jpgI’ve decided I’m going to take my second leave from college, and this time for good. For the past week I have been very passionate about building my business, I want to build a business and that’s really mainly, what I want to do.

As this is a bold statement, and in the works, this is what I’m going to do, and its just a matter of time within 6 months before it is truly done but here goes.

I think this time is for good, I’ve decided I’m going to move to San Francisco. I’m going to live in an apartment, and full time build my web 2.0 company, I must succeed and I’m going to rock it.

I dropped out of school in Feb 06, basically, exactly one year from now. I came across next-work-marketing and was having success at it; I left the University received horrible grades on that term, instead of taking my finals I just didn’t take them at all.

After about 6 months after leaving, my business was crashed, and it was no longer fruitful, I was lost, very lost, I did not know what to do, so I continued to work on my other residual business which was working, and continues to work,

The only reason I’m going to school is to #1) Start up a real estate investment club, which is to help other students achieve success. #2) My Chinese grandparents are paying for my tuition. #3) Was to simply meet people.

I was not enrolled in the University to get a high GPA, my goal was to build a business, and before I graduate be financially independent. Every time in class, especially lately, I can’t focus on school, entrepreneurship runs in my blood feeds my mind. That is why I left 2 terms in last year, and which is why I’m going to leave terms into this year. I’m not even a sophomore technically yet.

San FraniscoThe real estate club is going well, although I need to focus on my business now, and I’m going to use the education in a completely different way. Instead of going to class on math, biology, statistics, I’m going to enroll in personal development courses, relationships, speaking, business, seminars, books, and continue to learn, but a dramatically different education than most.

I’ve been working 3 YEARS trying to build something, and I’ve finally failed enough times to know something good when I see it. I’m going to build this web 2.0 company, and sell it, and set up personal development schools, free wealth building, free personal development seminars, and give everyone the gift, of personal development is my mission.

I’m looking down the road, at my goals, at what I want said at my funeral, it says to, “Inspirational, Loving Service leader who helped people, no matter who they were, and someone who lived to create a better world for the future.”

Let me ask you this question:

If you know what you want to do, and are pursuing it, is that not success? Some people think you have to go to school to be successful. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. The janitor who is a janitor, and wants to be a janitor, and is doing a good job at it is a success, he is doing what he wants to do.

So figure out what you want to do, for me personally, my success does not require school in order to reach it.

So this is in a nut shell what I’m going to do.

I’m going to move to the Silicon Valley, California is the 5th largest economy in the world. Silicon Valley is where the tech startups are, where the action is, where the networks are to be formed, and the fortunes to be made, in my personal opinion. Yes you can do it in Corvallis, but wouldn’t you have more success as an actor in Hollywood, well the same is true for techs.

I’m going to move to San Francisco, in the heart of the city, have my car, cell phone, hi-speed internet, some clothes, high-speed internet, and my laptop.

Golden Gate BrdigeI’m going to create a mastermind group, a group of people who get together on a weekly basis, people who are going in the same direction, web 2.0 partners and together we help network and give each other ideas on our projects and grow.

To meet people, I’m simply going to go to business networking events, professional events, seminars, networking events, and more networking events. I’m going to associate myself with successful people. If I can’t find a group, I will make one myself; this is a separate group than my mastermind group.

I will still keep my current contacts, and contact friends through email and phone, and those who are interested in building web 2.0 environments will be working with me, and I hope everyone does well, although this is something I’ve wanted to do, and have decided, I’m going to do.

“Every great leap forward in your life comes after you have made a clear decision of some kind.” – Brian Tracy

You can not imagine, the feeling, of being able to do, whatever it is, that you want to do, that we can leave today, and start a whole new journey, a new life, a new path, we can, have be or do, anything we want to in life.

As you can see, it is a high up there goal, to pay for everything in San Francisco, I’ve thought it out, and have been thinking about moving down there for 4-5 months right now.

It looks like my current GPA for this term is a 2.0. I don’t get that good of grades, I could get a 4.0 if I wanted, but I’m not going to. Its time to take action, I’m going to be 20 in March 23rd, I’m going to make $100,000 a year by helping internet entrepreneurs improve their business, and provide a valuable service to the community.

Is it risky to move to San Fran, yeah, don’t you love it? But it is riskier for me to stay in Corvallis, at OSU studying Buisness and back core classes for 4 years, when I could be doing what I’m passionate about instead.

Here is a picture of my friends, Bryan Baker, Chris Dudley, Matt, myself (on left) and Richard Parsons, the CEO of Time Warner. We become like the combined average of the five most people we associate with the most, I’m planning on meeting many individuals like Richard Parsons, who can raise me up another level, and I will be helping others up.

CEO of Time Warner
It is time.
Just keep planting those seeds, most of my seeds have died in the sun, strangled by roots, but, I will keep planting, and I will be harvesting. Harvesting is reserved for the planters. We don’t get want we need, we get what we deserve. Start the process of deserving.

Ummmm, what happend!

It is 2am, on monday, I have class at 8am!

This weekend was incrediblly productive, I had turned off my cell phone and kept communication to strict min.

Today, although I was working till 5am, I slept till around noon, went to class at 3-4pm, studied for test till 6pm, got done, came home did some programming.

I turned on my cellphone, had acouple messages, some buisness friends called me cool, not a problem, sending some emails to buisness partners cool, they send back to me.

Review friends buisness card, friend in portland message me about real estate deals, work on my friends online website, um eat, friend calls wants to play tennis, ok, come back talk to 4 more buisness firends and help them out, played gears of war with tennis buddy cause he wanted to play ok….

Um, get back on and helping out Kang in malaysia who I’m helping start a business, and friends IM. Wow!

Looks like if you want to be unproductive, turn on ur cellphone, turn on emails, and turn on yourinstant message, (for me anyways because my whole buisness involves me right now, programming this web 2.0 project).

Out of control, Cool, Challenges, Incredible. Its 2am, :), Yikes!
Do you know what I mean? Ok that was a pretty bad rant, but just reflecting, getting maxxed out on entrepreneurship friends almost, I have to harbor relationships, and with to many people, I can’t do that. 🙂

If you want to get some work done, sometimes we just need to shut it all out.  Turn off all of those devices we tire ourselves to, and just work, undistracted.  Every distraction costs double the time the distraction took, it takes your focus on, and then u have to refocus figure out what you were doing.

Sometimes, its good to just shut it all out, and have no distractions for lengths of time to do the work, to move forward on your plans of achieving financial indepedence.

No news on the real estate deal, still waiting for answer back from seller who lives in UTAH, comon dude, my offer was suppose to be replied to on saturday!

$100,000 within 3 months

Well this weekend, I decided to block out almost all communications, and work, start that process of deserving….

I ran a scenario with everyone at the OSU Real Estate Club, here it was, and its a question for you. Could you right now, make $100,000 within 3 months, right now, I mean right now do it. Think about it for a second?

Well maybe, like most people, we wouldn’t think we could do it. (given your not already making that amount). Most would say, no way.

But let me turn it around for you, and ask you this.

What if your parents were kidnappped, your grandparents, and your basically your immediate family. Your looking at them, and there are terrorists holding them hostage, and will kill your family members, your mom, your dad, your siblings, and your grandparents, if you do not deliver the kidnapper $100,000 within 3 months of right now.

Would you do it? Could you do it?

Would you? think about it, everyone would be murdered, your family… if you diddn’t deliver. Wouldn’t you do it?

—— think for a second before reading —–


Is there really doubt in your mind, if your whole family is on the line, for you to come through for 3 months! to generate $100,000 wouldn’t you do it. Its more like, is there any question in your mind if you would do it or not? Of course you would, you would give your all, you’d do it no matter what.

You wouldn’t know how, you just know why, and you will find a way, regardless of the situtation. Because the WHY is SO LARGE, the HOW doesn’t matter. The amazing things about humans, is that if they put themselves on the line they can produce amazing results. If you had to, if you had a big enough reason, there would be nothing to stop you.

You could generate $100,000 in 3 months, if you had a big enough WHY. Agree with me on this?

So whats the problem then, well, most people don’t have a WHY, I’ve finally to educatedly guess why most individuals aren’t that productive (and you are not one of those, for you wouldn’t be reading this). but most people, don’t know what they want, and why they want it, there is no motivating WHY to move them forward.

Now this situtation is simply to SHOW YOU, that YOU HAVE ENOUGH POWER, to do WHATEVER YOU WANT, if you have a big enough reason. This is simply to show you, you can produce tremendous results, you could be financially indepedent within several years if you wanted to, and really needed to.

Of course, the main question, at what cost? But the point is you could, and probably we could do whatever we want in 1/4 of the time, if we just did it.

So this weekend, I’m doing what I’m trying to teach to others, and not just preaching but doing. Turning off my cellphone for the weekend has been great, I’ve been able to focus on my web 2.0 project which is getting ready for launch pretty soon, a partnership is going to be in formation soon with another website company, and everything is moving.

I’ve decided, I can produce tremendous results in shorts amount of time if I want, and I want it, I have my WHY written on my wall. ASK YOURSELF, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE THE LAST WORDS SAID AT YOUR FUNERAL TO BE? I have mine written on my wall, I see it everyday. I know mine, do you? Do you have a mission statement, and a reason why you want that mission statement. You may consider making one, it could make a dramatic difference in your energy level, productivity, success, and contribution to the world!
One of mine is to be inspirational, and I’m going to be real about it though.

Comon my friends, we have all theses great buisness ideas, and they will work.  But, comon, when we just talk about anything and do it.  Seriously do it, start doing the work.  What I found out is, alot of the super successful entrepreneurs diddn’t necessarily have a great idea, they even could have had a bad idea, but had a VISION to keep working on their buisness, and they worked, worked, worked, worked, and worked, and did MASSIVE activity and just made it happen.



My friend told me to catch up, he is 19 years old, lives in Texas, he generates around $20,000/month.  I took that words to heart, he said ‘catch up’, well I’m catching up now, just doing the work.  Get it done, start! don’t talk, I don’t wana hear any more buisness ideas without actions taken place, actions SPEAK louder than WORDS. Lets show eachother with actions.

If your having trouble with STAYING FOCUSED ON YOUR BUISNESS, write theses two things down, seriously do it. Just Do it.




JUST DO IT! You can generate $100,000 in a month if you needed to, so lets JUST DO IT! Comon Everyone,