Sometimes I’m feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes after many weeks of putting together transactions, organizations, clubs, mentoring, school, partnerships, events, planning, networking and favors there gets a point where it is quite overwhelming.  Although leaders can’t show hurt, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel hurt at points.  When people ask how I’m doing, I respond, “I’m doing super fantastic,” and I’m doing great but lately just been hammered down inside, my mind, wear and built up stress building.

This is a rant, and one way for me to express my feelings, and experiences with other people.  But as projects, partnerships, events, and organizations begin the grow, as the demand for my personal services increase, the less secure I sometimes feel.  I remember once John Addison mentioned the more successful we become, the more fears, and less secure a person can become.  I can truly relate to the experience now, as this real estate transaction continues it is placing a large deal of mind power to continue with the deal.  There many people to communicate with, our personal banker to create the money transfers, my insurance agent to network with my mortgage broker to get the insurance ready, negotiating with the seller of the property, deadlines now on an accepted offer, communicating with personal real estate broker Cody Willner on what’s going on, talking to mortgage broker to compare cash flow, now preparing statements to show proof of rental history, backup funds.

The experience is definitely making me grow, I can now see why some people are just to afraid to experience success, they don’t want the hassle to go into success.  Then I’m having an exciting challenge putting together the real estate organization by recruiting, event planner, gathering speakers, movies, preparing speaks.  Then onto the Finance Club were I’ve decided to become a sector leader and lead a group of individuals who want to invest into stocks for our $50,000 portfolio.  Exciting stuff, and now we have a third organization that I will be putting together shortly, I think, a group of internet entrepreneurs who are interested in making money through advertising programs.  Although I’m no expert, I truly believe that we can work something out with everyone and make a winning organization that works on internet projects.

Back to my loan and real estate transaction, I just found out my payments are going to be $100 more a month than originally planned, so it has thrown my net cash flow on a monthly basis to negative $345, so I’m becoming a little bit more moved away from the deal.  I can get the loan payments down, but might continue searching.  I’m going to have to skip class on Thursday in order to do a visual inspection with my father, and look over the property, see what he thinks.

I’m also doing my friend a large financial favor right now, and its been on my mind every day.  I just have some cash tied up and very eager to receive the cash back and be finished with the favor to my friend.  It’s a significant amount of money to me, and the process has been made longer because of the financial institutions.

Everything is going incredible however; sometimes I’m just a little overwhelmed, I just need to take a break.  I’m going to the OSU Car Club gathering this Friday, something I helped setup with a couple buddies., so that should be exciting.  I look forward to seeing what happens, growing, and taking on even more challenges in the near future.  The main challenge right now is having focus.

When you are an entrepreneur and have been in the game for a little over a year, it gets to the point where you have so many good ideas, that it is entirely inconvincible to try to run them at the same time.  It is literally abundance overload, a good problem to have, but sometimes, we are stretched out to thin.  I’m still doing my video production in Portland, OR every Thursday, while people go out to have fun on Thursday, I’m working on my business, I call it Productive Thursdays, instead of Thirsty Thursdays.  End of rant, looking to grow from theses experiences and more.

It’s so incredible, I talk to some random person in class, as I like to do, (the person to the left, person to the right, front, and behind me, and sometimes I have to introduce them to each other because they don’t talk). But anyways, it’s so funny to hear a student who’s just taking a small amount of credits, tell me he is to busy to do anything else, because he is in school.  Common guys, if you are just going to school, not working, or something, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe your that busy, sometimes excuses like that are one of those type of, weird strange words that make me almost cringe, and its like, “are you serious.” And they are, they can’t hold much at the moment, hopefully they will grow.

What we focus on grows.

Donald Trump, “You have to have momentum to get anything done, and focus is entirely necessary, if you don’t have focus you will not have momentum, they two go together.”