Wow – Internet Business and Real Estate

It is extremely difficult to pickup a large programming project when it has been left alone for a month, due to school I have not been focusin on my internet web 2.0 project.  However, I’am starting to get back into the rhytm with things and the real estate club, real estate investing experience, school, working with video production, is all falling into place.

I just made a second offer on a house, and duplex investment property in corvallis Oregon.  I’am now awaiting for the seller’s response to my offer, hopefully he will accept it.  Again, unwilling to tell of the exact amount of money on the line due to liabilitly exposure on the internet.  But all is going well, the website is working too.  The new site, I’ve created is now producing around an extra $3/day, which results in an extra $100/month towards expenditure.  Although I’m putting more time and effort into it, but it is producing a residual income stream which should almost never stop.

Back to programming, I look forward to getting together with some of my real estate friends who are interested in getting started in the buisness.  I’am going to pour out everything I can to help them achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations.