Real Estate Gathering – Week 2

We had an incredible presentation today talking about the real estate process, and equity vs. growth investing.  My friend Alexander Neighbors spoke about his real estate experiences, and cody and I tried to tackled the process, simplified about how to go and invest into a property.

Unfortunately, I can’t believe I forgot to hit record on my camcorder which was suppose to record the event.  Incredibly two people from the last 15 individuals showed up this time, its so funny, people want to become successful, we the event planners invest hours, ontop of hours, and our own personal income to create an event to help people.  And others allow small, and little things to get in the way of large opportunities.  I find it truly incredible.

We had about 20 people show up this time, an increase from the 14 at our previous event.  Every event we are growing, we are always building momentum.  We were truly rocking this time, we had some fun, a quiz, two videos, some personal experiences, give aways, and although our event went alittle longer than planned, we still had a great time.

Unfortunately, we are unable to affect everyone in the room, sometimes the timing is not there for other people.  Although some people we could have been the fourth event, fourth speaker to unlock the final code to the lock, and so they can start to achieve more in life.  So I do not know where the audience is all of the way, which is one thing I will be working on next time.

I’am currently heaviling involving myself in the process of public speaking, and studying the art of it, by reading books from Tony Jeary, who is called Mr. Presentation.  I’m currently reading Inspire Any Auidence, if we have a crowd at our real estate club and I’m not constantly improving my craft I’am failing them.

So good things, we are moving, my friends Josh Brown, and Jimmy Neyhart are getting together this weekend to discuss possibilities about real estate investing together, I will be getting with them.   They are both very sharp individuals and sure to experience success, and most importantly going after there and taking action.  I will challenege myself with what I may be able to help them achieve, and in return learn from helping them as well.