Friend’s new online startup venture

Well this is a plug for my friend Adriel who has begun to start his own online empire this week by launching his first two sites.  We have been talking alot, sent him the cashflow game by robert kiyosaki, and some CDs.  Our relationship is a good one of two entrepreneurs seeking success through mutiple streams of income, and we of course, will achieve it.

He was able to get two sites up,, which is a phrank calling system, where you can type in someone’s phone number, and a message, and a electronic voice leaves a message on the phone.  There is also which is a service that allows students in HS to access websites like myspace, facebook, which are typically banned on the High School’s computer network.

I’ve been trying to help him work on some projects, however, I’ve been loosing my focus and have not been able to do everything I could to help.  Regardless though, we have goten to the point to get the first projects off the ground.  Even if they don’t make millions, just the process of getting started on the first venture has alot to say.  If you are interested in networking with him, his name is Adriel, screen name Adrizzle05. We met eachother on