An incredible amount of projects, and people to network

This last week has been incredibly exciting, like every week.  It is almost getting to the point where there are to many people to network with, on facebook, and I apologize, there have been so many people trying to get ahold of me to network that I haven’t really had a chance to respond to everyone.  With to many messages, and feedback it is almost crazy to have an indepth conversation with everyone.

Networking is great, although it seems as there is a point where to many networks is not that great.  I’d almost rather have a large network of people I personally know well than a huge network of many people I barely know.  Which is almost what happens when networking with people all over the internet.

Regardless, made an offer on a mutlifamily unit here in Corvallis for $284,000.00 but the owner declined my offer, he is asking full price, but don’t want to give it to him.  Will be trying to purchase another property soon, as there are not many avaliable here in Corvallis.

I’ve begun to shift focus towards the OSU Real Estate Club.  Here is one challenge to all of the seeking entrepreneurs who are going to be massive succesfull, yes alot of you reading this.  Lets try to help other people achieve success along the way, MLM/direct-selling/network-marketing have a built in advantage, but its one thing to generate a large sum of success for yourself, but its awhole other game helping others achieve success to.  So I’ve been focusing on helping people achieve their dreams, help them build their dreams with the real estate club.  I could do it myself, but we are exponentially more valuable, and success when we are able to help others achieve success.

“If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll have everything in life you want” – Zig Ziglar