With the partnership between Pineapple Racing and I, we have been developing “How To Rebuild, Rotary Engine” videos.  Putting them on the websites, which is to build a residual traffic base, and expose their buisness to more people.  Which is to help their sales, and also create more personal income so I can donate more money to the public.

It is a database driven site, simple, and using the Google Video system to promote the videos.  Here is the website address: I’m also creating a mailing list, opt in so we can mass email people to get up to date information on new video releases.  After I finish working on this computer, and doing taxes, I’ll refocus my energy back on the web 2.0 product that I’m developing.

I’ve also become 100% qualified for a personal loan for around $300,000-$450,000 because my credit score is 725, so I’m currently seeking an investment property to purchase.  Unfortunately, I doubt I will be able to disclose as much information as in the future, it will be to much exposure to potential asset liabilities and lawsuits against me for theives who are trying to steal wealth.