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Sometimes I’m feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes after many weeks of putting together transactions, organizations, clubs, mentoring, school, partnerships, events, planning, networking and favors there gets a point where it is quite overwhelming.  Although leaders can’t show hurt, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel hurt at points.  When people ask how I’m doing, I respond, “I’m doing super fantastic,” and I’m doing great but lately just been hammered down inside, my mind, wear and built up stress building.

This is a rant, and one way for me to express my feelings, and experiences with other people.  But as projects, partnerships, events, and organizations begin the grow, as the demand for my personal services increase, the less secure I sometimes feel.  I remember once John Addison mentioned the more successful we become, the more fears, and less secure a person can become.  I can truly relate to the experience now, as this real estate transaction continues it is placing a large deal of mind power to continue with the deal.  There many people to communicate with, our personal banker to create the money transfers, my insurance agent to network with my mortgage broker to get the insurance ready, negotiating with the seller of the property, deadlines now on an accepted offer, communicating with personal real estate broker Cody Willner on what’s going on, talking to mortgage broker to compare cash flow, now preparing statements to show proof of rental history, backup funds.

The experience is definitely making me grow, I can now see why some people are just to afraid to experience success, they don’t want the hassle to go into success.  Then I’m having an exciting challenge putting together the real estate organization by recruiting, event planner, gathering speakers, movies, preparing speaks.  Then onto the Finance Club were I’ve decided to become a sector leader and lead a group of individuals who want to invest into stocks for our $50,000 portfolio.  Exciting stuff, and now we have a third organization that I will be putting together shortly, I think, a group of internet entrepreneurs who are interested in making money through advertising programs.  Although I’m no expert, I truly believe that we can work something out with everyone and make a winning organization that works on internet projects.

Back to my loan and real estate transaction, I just found out my payments are going to be $100 more a month than originally planned, so it has thrown my net cash flow on a monthly basis to negative $345, so I’m becoming a little bit more moved away from the deal.  I can get the loan payments down, but might continue searching.  I’m going to have to skip class on Thursday in order to do a visual inspection with my father, and look over the property, see what he thinks.

I’m also doing my friend a large financial favor right now, and its been on my mind every day.  I just have some cash tied up and very eager to receive the cash back and be finished with the favor to my friend.  It’s a significant amount of money to me, and the process has been made longer because of the financial institutions.

Everything is going incredible however; sometimes I’m just a little overwhelmed, I just need to take a break.  I’m going to the OSU Car Club gathering this Friday, something I helped setup with a couple buddies., so that should be exciting.  I look forward to seeing what happens, growing, and taking on even more challenges in the near future.  The main challenge right now is having focus.

When you are an entrepreneur and have been in the game for a little over a year, it gets to the point where you have so many good ideas, that it is entirely inconvincible to try to run them at the same time.  It is literally abundance overload, a good problem to have, but sometimes, we are stretched out to thin.  I’m still doing my video production in Portland, OR every Thursday, while people go out to have fun on Thursday, I’m working on my business, I call it Productive Thursdays, instead of Thirsty Thursdays.  End of rant, looking to grow from theses experiences and more.

It’s so incredible, I talk to some random person in class, as I like to do, (the person to the left, person to the right, front, and behind me, and sometimes I have to introduce them to each other because they don’t talk). But anyways, it’s so funny to hear a student who’s just taking a small amount of credits, tell me he is to busy to do anything else, because he is in school.  Common guys, if you are just going to school, not working, or something, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe your that busy, sometimes excuses like that are one of those type of, weird strange words that make me almost cringe, and its like, “are you serious.” And they are, they can’t hold much at the moment, hopefully they will grow.

What we focus on grows.

Donald Trump, “You have to have momentum to get anything done, and focus is entirely necessary, if you don’t have focus you will not have momentum, they two go together.”

Things are going crazy!

Well I have some positive challenges coming up, busy day for monday.

  • Set date to, appointment to get property inspected
  • Run numbers with mortgage broker to figure out cashflow situation
  • Call banker, have them prepare earnest check for property
  • Talk with father about date to go down and see the property
  • Meeting with Marques A about internet real estate buisness
  • Meeting with Jimmy N about internet buisness
  • Find out about a 4plex for sale in Corvallis, another property
  • Call prepaid legal attorneys, check if my buisness idea is feasible
  • Study for BI 102 exam, and take exam same day (least important) haha!

Sounds fun!  Sometimes I’m to hard on myself and don’t think I’m not getting anything done.

Why not get paid while you surf – Agloco

Well AllAdvantage is back! For those who don’t know, AllAdvantage was a site that paid you to surf the Internet. Whats more, it paid you when you refer other people to surf, and paid you again if those people referred other people – down four levels.

AllAdvantage 2.0 comes with a new name, AGLOCO, which stands for A Global Community. This time, the founders are doing things a bit differently. They said that AllAdvantage failed the last time because the timing, and not the concept, was bad. They may be right, and there is certainly nothing wrong with trying again. If they can sign up as many people as they did last time, and the advertising market doesn’t implode, I say they will have a success on their hands.

The AGLOCO Viewbar


The Viewbar that is installed at the bottom of the browser is back but instead of paying a flat fee per hour like the last time, it will give you a share of income the Viewbar earns. In addition, that income may be paid in stocks as well as cash. This avoids the mistake of paying out more than they make, which was what AllAdvantage did.

The Viewbar features privacy protection, spyware protection, phishing protection, member IM and voice communications, RSS feeds, broadcast communication, community tips and other functions.

Sharing income with users is nothing new. Tons of sites and many revenue sharing forums do that already. What is unique about AGLOCO is their multi-leveling marketing model.

Network Marketing


When you run the AGLOCO Viewbar, AGLOCO will pay to you to surf the web (currently up to 5 hours/month). Once the five hours are up, you can turn the Viewbar off until next month. However, you also make money on every hour for people you referred when they surf, and income is made for every hour for people they referred down to 4 levels. There is no cap on how much you can make because of this.


According to the AGLOCO member calculator, if you sign up 10 people and those referrals sign up 5 people, and those sign up five all the way down the 4 four levels, you would earn 9,767.50 per month! However, before you start doing jumping jacks, that figure is not a dollar amount – it reflects earnings in both cash and stock of the company. The stock price has yet to be determined.

AGLOCO plans to be a 100% member owned company. The amount of shares you own is based on how many members you refer. The company will share advertising and affiliate revenues with its members. Company management will gets 10% of revenue as their fee for running the place. The remaining amount will then be distributed to company shareholders (the members). The amount you make is based on how many shares you own, which in turn is based on how many people you refer.

Before AllAdvantage died with the dot com crash, my friend signed up over 10,000 people and made over $25,000, so I know the concept does work. Will I be able to make $25,000 from AGLOCO? That remains to be seen but I’m looking forward to trying. This looks like another case study in the making!

Once you sign up you will be given a user ID. Use this ID to sign up other people. The easiest way to do that is the put the ID into the URL. For example. is my URL. Just replace the BBBF5267 with your ID and youll get credit for all signs from your link.

You can sign up for AGLOCO here.

Wow – Internet Business and Real Estate

It is extremely difficult to pickup a large programming project when it has been left alone for a month, due to school I have not been focusin on my internet web 2.0 project.  However, I’am starting to get back into the rhytm with things and the real estate club, real estate investing experience, school, working with video production, is all falling into place.

I just made a second offer on a house, and duplex investment property in corvallis Oregon.  I’am now awaiting for the seller’s response to my offer, hopefully he will accept it.  Again, unwilling to tell of the exact amount of money on the line due to liabilitly exposure on the internet.  But all is going well, the website is working too.  The new site, I’ve created is now producing around an extra $3/day, which results in an extra $100/month towards expenditure.  Although I’m putting more time and effort into it, but it is producing a residual income stream which should almost never stop.

Back to programming, I look forward to getting together with some of my real estate friends who are interested in getting started in the buisness.  I’am going to pour out everything I can to help them achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations.

Real Estate Gathering – Week 2

We had an incredible presentation today talking about the real estate process, and equity vs. growth investing.  My friend Alexander Neighbors spoke about his real estate experiences, and cody and I tried to tackled the process, simplified about how to go and invest into a property.

Unfortunately, I can’t believe I forgot to hit record on my camcorder which was suppose to record the event.  Incredibly two people from the last 15 individuals showed up this time, its so funny, people want to become successful, we the event planners invest hours, ontop of hours, and our own personal income to create an event to help people.  And others allow small, and little things to get in the way of large opportunities.  I find it truly incredible.

We had about 20 people show up this time, an increase from the 14 at our previous event.  Every event we are growing, we are always building momentum.  We were truly rocking this time, we had some fun, a quiz, two videos, some personal experiences, give aways, and although our event went alittle longer than planned, we still had a great time.

Unfortunately, we are unable to affect everyone in the room, sometimes the timing is not there for other people.  Although some people we could have been the fourth event, fourth speaker to unlock the final code to the lock, and so they can start to achieve more in life.  So I do not know where the audience is all of the way, which is one thing I will be working on next time.

I’am currently heaviling involving myself in the process of public speaking, and studying the art of it, by reading books from Tony Jeary, who is called Mr. Presentation.  I’m currently reading Inspire Any Auidence, if we have a crowd at our real estate club and I’m not constantly improving my craft I’am failing them.

So good things, we are moving, my friends Josh Brown, and Jimmy Neyhart are getting together this weekend to discuss possibilities about real estate investing together, I will be getting with them.   They are both very sharp individuals and sure to experience success, and most importantly going after there and taking action.  I will challenege myself with what I may be able to help them achieve, and in return learn from helping them as well.


Friend’s new online startup venture

Well this is a plug for my friend Adriel who has begun to start his own online empire this week by launching his first two sites.  We have been talking alot, sent him the cashflow game by robert kiyosaki, and some CDs.  Our relationship is a good one of two entrepreneurs seeking success through mutiple streams of income, and we of course, will achieve it.

He was able to get two sites up,, which is a phrank calling system, where you can type in someone’s phone number, and a message, and a electronic voice leaves a message on the phone.  There is also which is a service that allows students in HS to access websites like myspace, facebook, which are typically banned on the High School’s computer network.

I’ve been trying to help him work on some projects, however, I’ve been loosing my focus and have not been able to do everything I could to help.  Regardless though, we have goten to the point to get the first projects off the ground.  Even if they don’t make millions, just the process of getting started on the first venture has alot to say.  If you are interested in networking with him, his name is Adriel, screen name Adrizzle05. We met eachother on

An incredible amount of projects, and people to network

This last week has been incredibly exciting, like every week.  It is almost getting to the point where there are to many people to network with, on facebook, and I apologize, there have been so many people trying to get ahold of me to network that I haven’t really had a chance to respond to everyone.  With to many messages, and feedback it is almost crazy to have an indepth conversation with everyone.

Networking is great, although it seems as there is a point where to many networks is not that great.  I’d almost rather have a large network of people I personally know well than a huge network of many people I barely know.  Which is almost what happens when networking with people all over the internet.

Regardless, made an offer on a mutlifamily unit here in Corvallis for $284,000.00 but the owner declined my offer, he is asking full price, but don’t want to give it to him.  Will be trying to purchase another property soon, as there are not many avaliable here in Corvallis.

I’ve begun to shift focus towards the OSU Real Estate Club.  Here is one challenge to all of the seeking entrepreneurs who are going to be massive succesfull, yes alot of you reading this.  Lets try to help other people achieve success along the way, MLM/direct-selling/network-marketing have a built in advantage, but its one thing to generate a large sum of success for yourself, but its awhole other game helping others achieve success to.  So I’ve been focusing on helping people achieve their dreams, help them build their dreams with the real estate club.  I could do it myself, but we are exponentially more valuable, and success when we are able to help others achieve success.

“If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll have everything in life you want” – Zig Ziglar

Progress On OSU Real Estate Club

Well after a good long break of productive activity, planned events are now finally coming into swing.  We’ve had a lot of help from Justin Shanks, and Professor Yang, the president, and adivsor of the OSU Investment Group respectively.   Dr. Yang has now moved us towards a potential room in BX 102, which would allow the OSU Real Estate Group to have a large room dedicated towards helping students learn about real estate investing.

We were having a challenge find an advisor for our club alone, so we did the next best thing, athough it will probably turn out to be better this way, we are collaborating, and joining the ranks of the OSU Investment Group, therefore increasing the membership base for both clubs, and helping both clubs expand their image more.  So it will be an interesting event.

With the partnership between Pineapple Racing and I, we have been developing “How To Rebuild, Rotary Engine” videos.  Putting them on the websites, which is to build a residual traffic base, and expose their buisness to more people.  Which is to help their sales, and also create more personal income so I can donate more money to the public.

It is a database driven site, simple, and using the Google Video system to promote the videos.  Here is the website address: I’m also creating a mailing list, opt in so we can mass email people to get up to date information on new video releases.  After I finish working on this computer, and doing taxes, I’ll refocus my energy back on the web 2.0 product that I’m developing.

I’ve also become 100% qualified for a personal loan for around $300,000-$450,000 because my credit score is 725, so I’m currently seeking an investment property to purchase.  Unfortunately, I doubt I will be able to disclose as much information as in the future, it will be to much exposure to potential asset liabilities and lawsuits against me for theives who are trying to steal wealth.