The Most Rewarding Experience

I believe that the most rewarding experience in life is having your name appear in another person’s testimonial. After my mentor Mr. Sean Mikael a very successfull multi-level marketer who was my upline for several months got me started. Although I was already reading some books, he sent me some CDs that dramatically impacted my life. CDs that gave me philosophies, guidance, and wisdom about becoming more successful, in all areas of life.

MentoringI truly must say that I’am gratiful for him, and that he will almost remain a figure in my life. He got me started.

As I mentioned in another article about intelligent-self interest, sharing. I have begun the task of helping people achieve their dreams. There is a painter at our house by the name of Jason B, I have known him for several years now and only till recently I’ve had enough knowledge to positively affect other peoples lives. Awhile back ago I gave him a CD on success philosophies by Jim Rohn. He enjoyed the CD as he told me a week or so later.

After that I was excited as well, not only can the audience be transformed, but so can the speaker. So I gave him some more material to help him. Personal Development material, among them were how to become financially indepedent, and the art of exceptional living by Jim Rohn. Now, less than a week later he has begun reading books building a library. He is reading a bilbography on Hitler, and Ghandi. One to see how high you can go, and one to see how low and disiciplicible a human being can become. He has picked up some more books on programming your mind for success, one on parenting, one on philosophies and his wife has given him some CDs on becoming by Anthony Robbins.

Today, I know understand fully why I take the time to help others. Because it is the most rewarding experience in the world. Today he say, you got me started, thanks because of the CDs you have given me it is changing my life for the better, I appreciate that, thank you.

And wow, being in someone’s personal testimonial, Jim Rohn was right, that is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. He is a contractor, and there is a book by the E-Myth company about why most small contracting companies don’t worry. I have more CDs, but he has taken the step to purchase them himself, and now he has ten books and over 8 CDs for personal development. He told me, “I Started My Library.” Wow.

He started telling me all the wonderful techniques that he had learned from Tony Robbins, we had a fun time because I could whole-heartedly relate to him.  And we both seemed to talk like the speaker Jim Rohn. This has all happened in less than a couple weeks, and I believe he will continue the craft after listening to Jim Rohn.  I believe Jim Rohn, on the art of exceptional living is the foundation for all successful living in my personal opinion.

Starting a Library will change your life. I’am now learning how to mentor other people, it is something I believe I want to do, I’ve considered becoming a personal development professional like Anthony Robbins although I have not decided yet. Regardless, I would like to give him more information, but alas, to much overload is not a good thing either. So what I’m going to do, although he has already purchased books, I was going to buy him another book on the contractors, and then with a note attached, a gift, that says only open this after you have read the book, with a gift ceritifcat to a bookstore near his house to continue his craft.

I’m off to San Francisco for the weekend to visit my grandparents, who I’am so terribly gratiful for.