The Ants Are Busy Working All Season Long

Well I made a mistake, another one! Incredible! I messed up, I thought the kid wanted to a full trade, but it turns out he wants cash in addition to my car, which I’m not going to do.

Regardless, I have been busy working on my web 2.0 website, it is really starting to come together.  It is so incredible, to have an idea, and be able to manifest the creation before your very eyes by programming a website.   I’m spending about 8 hours a day on my website, it is basically occupying my time full time.

I want to say, I appreciate you guys for helping me.  The readers of my forum, I appreciate your guys’ comments, suggestions, and wanting to network with me.  I really believe we are all going to do big things, are we are going to work together.  Let me extend even more appreciate and help you get started with a blog, I can even potentially host it for you as a friend who wants to help others succeed.

Regardless of this strange rant, I’m making progress, a couple simple disciplines repeated daily, over and over, and they are having an incredible slight edge affect.   I can probably show you guys my website pretty soon, it is not really top secret, I just want people to see the final product when it is done.  However, it will show everyone how simple you can make something that fills a need in the market place.  My inspiration, I have a vision board.  Is Kevin Rose, the Digg creator on my wall that says, “How this Kid Made $60 Million in 18 months.”  Thats were we are going.