Can I Make An Extra $5,000 – $10,000? Of Course.

Well, after thinking about how much time and money I’ve spent into getting my car ready for sale. It is paying off, I would not normally talk about selling a car, because it is just a car sale, however it seems to keep getting interesting. This 19 year old student is selling a 94 Red Toyota Supra, Twin Turbo, although I said sell, he is actually looking to trade it for a Mazda RX-7, 1993.

It is funny how much you can find out about people, after searching his screen name on google, I found that he was a member of the Supra Forums. After searching through posts, I actually found a thread he started, asking others what he thought his car is worth. He originally posted it for $36,000, but now is taking $33,000 for it, however, everyone in the community that was high, but could probably get around $30,000 for it. And he wants to trade, for a 3rd generation RX-7, and likes my RX-7 which is worth ~$20k. Exactly, that is a $10,000 difference. He lives in Irvine, CA, I live in Portland, it will cost about $400 in gas to do the transaction. But an interesting offer, I will post more details when it goes through.

But long story short, getting my car detailed, put back together, and creating the sales page, spending almost 30 hours in getting it ready is starting to pay off dividends, I’m currently waiting for him to call me back. As I now want to do the transaction asap, trade my RX-7, and sell the Supra. Giving me more than $25,000 to invest in property. Combined with an already $35,000 I would now have $60,000 for a downpayment on a property, at 10% down, that is a $600,000 invsetment property. After that, I’ll buy a Ferrari instead of an RX-7.