Website Progress – Foundation

It is about 5:45AM right now, I woke up at 5:30PM today. Although there have not been to many interesting ideas to post as of today, which I can share at the moment I should add. The website has been making steady progress and several times today I saw a great need for my service which will be great.

I like what Zig Ziglar has to say about building a character foundation, he quotes some of the tallest buildings in the world, have the largest foundations in the world. The larger the foundation, the better it is, more stable, higher integrity the higher you can grow. This is applied to people in how we need to build a character foundation, so we can be able to go way way up.

For my website, it has taken sometime, but instead of doing a whack job programming it, I’ve learned the backbone of the php and mysql, but most importantly have now understood the security side to it. I’m making the site very secure, and understand it better now, and deleted all my exisiting code and just rewrote the whole thing to make it more efficient.

One things I just did was removing the variables from the URL:

  • Instead of:
  • It turns into

If you are not familiar with Search Engine Optimization, the 2nd example, the after-product, is ideal for search engines to pickup the keywords in the url. I currently now have the user registration ready, editing user, and then the fun stuff beings today.

I’ve also shared some MP3s now with a fellow entrepreneur in Texas I believe, he was interested in learning stuff about creating income online. I met him through facebook, and the cds I sent to my friend in Ohio should be arriving soon. He he is getting close to finishing Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and already his mindset is set, his navigational thinking, set on building a buisness for himself. And he understands the taxes, and has said thanks to me. So I appreciate that.

And still working on the book, 1 page a day! I’m now in editing mode! I’m thinking about creating an online library like Ben Casnocha so I can see all the books I read and look at my progress. Taking a picture of my library every month.

Oh, and for some reason my RSS FEED broke, so if your using a reader it won’t update. Incredible!