Maximizing Learning – Online Conference

My good friend Stephen Ramil had a good idea to maximize the learning we do from reading books. His idea was to get together and teach eachother the concepts that we learn while reading helpful books. I think it is a great idea, and we thought it would be cool to do an online conference call, with visual, and interaction with a flashtalk system. Consider it like a weekly free, session on creating wealth, or becoming more successful in any field for free via the web. A web conference where you can log on and learn, the most important part free.

Flash talk allows people on the internet to get in a conference room, see visuals with powerpoint, and direct users to websites. (where we would have an interactive learning tool, to increase learning as well).  Learn about the different levels of learning.

Whats in it for the speakers, well the speakers receive intelligent self-interest, by teaching, and sharing to others. They hear the concept 10 times, while the audience hears it once. If you teach a subject, “for the most part,” the teacher always knows it best, has studied it, and thus increasing his or her knowledge and the audience. If you are interesting in being apart of a web conference like this, please comment here.