Today will be incredibly… productive..

It is 6am right now, yesterday I was so tired after applying my no prcastination technique that I found myself keep doing chores throughout the day without hestitating to do them. Needless to say I was able to accomplish quite a bit of chores that I needed to do anyways. Having a Bank of America personal account, Wells Fargo buisness account, and Wells Fargo personal account does not make life easy when you want to purchase checks, sign up for overdraft, sign up for new credit cards and lines of credit for each individual account. You would think it’d just be 2 calling locations, but no, it is three because Wells Fargo personal is a different department than the buisness.

Anyways, I just do no understand why Wells Fargo has so many fees, I applied for overdraft poretction. I thought that with overdraft protection they would not charge you, at least Bank of America Doesn’t, when you overdraft your account. Although Wells Fargo decides to charge even when you have an overdraft with overdraft protection, wow. Does not sound like much of overdraft protection to me when I still get a fee for overdrafting. Anyways, I was also to get my 93 RX-7 close to being able to sell with removing, and replacing the stereo back to OEM, I’m going to be installing it today and putting my Integra back together this week. I can not wait to sell the car and get my thousands back to place it into my bank accounts and stop preventing all the Wells Fargo Fees.

Because I have several accounts with Wells Fargo, and they are not at the minimum balance to receive no fees, I have to pay $20/month because I do not have over 4.5k spread out throughout my accounts, that $20/month is $240/yr just paying away to fees.

But regardless I’m headin in a new direction, I do not have to go back to the same situtation I was before with overdrafts weekly. But today I’m excited because I’m able to work on my new web 2.0 communit all day today and believe I will get a majority of the work done today for it. The last couple of days I have been doing research on how to make the site secure, I never knew how easy it was to hack into peoples’ accounts on the internet on some of theses less secure sites. I’m also doing about an hour of personal development a day, and increased it from 30 minutes a day, as Jim Rohn says, one hour a day will help you to become rich, although 30 minutes a day, half rich isn’t bad either.

My friend in Ohio, Adriel, the high school student I’m helping out has just started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki and to say the very least he has enjoyed the reading so far. He has read about 70 pages in 3 days, a great momentum to work on himself, I had him teach me what he learned because I know that if he teaches others, he will retain the information the best over all other methods. He also read my book, and recommended that I finish it, so I have been working daily on that, I have now sent him down several CDs of personal development to listen to. I will be so interesting to see where this friendship lands up.

It is one thing to read a book, but it is another thing to get the most out of it. This graph shows you why I don’t just congradulate him on reading the book but have him teach me the principals he has learned. So I can hear them again, and so he can too.

We Learn / Remember:

  • 10% of what we READ
  • 20% of what we HEAR
  • 30% of what we SEE
  • 70% of what we DISCUSS with others
  • 80% of what we EXPERIENCE personally
  • 90% of what we TEACH someone else

Now the above table is different on most different sources, but they all agree that we begin to retain more information when we are actively engaging ourselves. Where as reading is usually on the bottom of the list, it is not that active, while teaching is on the top. Consider why teaching is on the top? Now you know the how, but if you know why, you’ll make it better.