Free Wealth Building Seminars In Large Cities

Public SpeakingI’m greatly interested in setting up large seminars, which would be free to the public teaching others how to generate wealth in various ways. This concept is contrary to the typical pay for seating at large seminars. I have a passion to teach others, and a strong passion to get on stage and be able to do public speaking. This is one of my main driving factors to establishing the OSU Real Estate Club at my University and I’ve even thought about doing free wealth building seminars for any apartment tenants of mine.

Most people do not think this way, they are thinking of a lose win situation when teaching other people they rely on, how to become successful. Unfortunately, I’d almost feel bad if my tenants where living in my investment property and someone never shared with them the ideas for success like others have done for me. “Do unto others, as you would like done for yourself,” as the phrase more or less going. When I’m an extremely successful people, I’d love to mentor people, inspire them and more importantly, lead them to take action.

I feel that after I graduate, I will start free wealth building seminars in Portland, then moving towards downtown. To raise funding for the building would be contacting business to have them sponsor the event, a much more difficult route to providing funding, but the seminars would get so much attention banks, and other programs would love to attend. I can see MLM recruiters, Loan Officers, Venture Capitalists, everyone being there to network and learn how to become more successful, for free.

Here is the real question, would you attend a free weekly seminar, a professional presentation that taught you how to create wealth through various means, or success in general. Please comment if you would, or would not, let me know what you think on the idea. I believe it has potential and will help a lot of people, and would be incredibly rewarding and fun to do. Would you attend? How would you fund the event through other means than people paying to get in. Maybe an optional membership to sit up front, but money not required, ideas?

Public Speaking
  • I’ll be right there with ya bud!

  • Ugo

    Great idea and your heart is in the right direction, but:
    1) Why would businesses sponsor your event when they don’t know how big of an audience you will have? I predict that costs associated with the first free seminars would be coming out of your pocket. If you have a successful track record, then sponsors might be interested in funding future event.
    2) The best way to acquire funding is by setting your business up as a non profit organization. This would make it easier for you to secure funding from certain corporations (real estate companies, commercial banks, etc.). They love to donate money to chariatble organizations.
    3) This should not be free. Maybe the first seminar will be free but if people are interested in becoming members, they should pay a membership fee. Look, you are offering something of great value here. Don’t dilute your comopany’s brand by allowing any Tom, Dick and Jane to enter. You want individuals who will truly benefit from your services. Also from a psychological perspective, freebies are undesirable because people think that they are not valuable. Don’t forget, time = money (esp. for VC’s and other professionals)
    4) Charge a membership fee. This way you establish a barrier to entry which will keep out those who are not really motivated enough to become wealthy. This fee can help pay for your operating expense, as well as professional speakers which will help elevete your company’s brand.
    I think helping people is always a great idea. That’s what business is all about. Good Luck!

  • Hey Ugo I appreciate the comment, interesting questions you have.

    1) I totally agree with you on this, the idea would likely draw funds out of my pocket personally. What I was thinking that ideally, from my online buisness would be able to provide me and my future family with more than enough income to be able to provide such a service to the public. I guess that would be almost philanthropy.

    Yeah, we would not know how big of an audience would be there, and it would rely just on what you said, getting a steady track record, getting some banks in there to get people for loans, or whatever it may be.

    2) Yes, I would have to agree with you on this, setting it up as a Non-For-Profit Organization because it is really to help educate people, and not to make a CASH profit, but the other incredibly positive outcomes that would arise from it.

    I did not know that banks and what not liked to donate more towards non-profit, interesting.

    3) Yeah, I would agree with you that we would be providing a valuable service. I was just thinking it would be so great if it was a free service, and people could become members, and get priority seating.

    Now that you mention it, the people dressed unprofessional would have to leave, because they would ruin it. And I agree that serious people would pay. I guess, ideally, just make it incredible affordable for people. Not a $1000, $100 seminar, ideally maybe $5. I know that sounds ridicolous, but what do you think? If it was weekly?

    4) Yeah, I agree with you on the fee. I appreciate your comments, for some reason though I feel like it would expand much more quickly, and if I could do what you say, get a track record, and a signifcant amount of paying members to sit up front, and advertisers to keep it ideally free. That in itself would be a full-time job to run the show. a buisness within itself, so interesting.

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