Two Simple Philosophies to Help Take Immediate Action

After reading several books and listening to audio CDs, not only have I learned the philosophies in the book, but I have started to apply them and they are simple ways to help take action immediately.

It is quite clear that after studying success through books, seminars, and audio CDs which talk about personal development, there are many different techniques that we are able to use in our daily lives to improve our performance. There is a significant amount of recommendations to try everyday, but with to many ideas, it can sometimes become unapplied knowledge because there are simply to many to use. However, theses two, combined together, from different sources in my opinion are a powerful, less than a 20 second method to maintain a slight edge advantage and avoid the procastination by taking action which I use every day now.

The first philosophy is from Jim Rohn’s “The Art of Exceptional Living”, to ask ourselves the following question, “Will the errors in my present judgment of philosophy, what’s that going to cost me in one year, six years. One month, six months? I’m telling you the money costs, and the health costs, and the success costs are is to gigantic if you look down the road a little ways and say, are there errors in my current judgment like an apple a day vs. a heresy bar a day.”

In short, what Jim Rohn is saying, is that you should look at your current actions, the actions you are taking everyday, and ask yourself what is that going to cost me in the future? For example, have you heard the phrase, an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Here is a good question for you, what if that is true? See some people have it all messed up; someone else says a heresy bar a day. Noooo, it is not heresy bar. So ask yourself, what is going to be the future cost of the errors in my present judgment of philosophy.

The second is from the book, “The Magic of Thinking Big,” which is a must read for anyone who wants success. In this book there is a suggestion that simply talks about the following. Every day there are chores, and tasks that we must do in order to be productive. Whenever you get the urge to put something off, to procrastinate, to think about not doing it, do it, right then and there. So when you even start to procrastinate, just do it at that moment, right at the moment.

Combine the two together you have an awesome tool to use to your advantage, asking yourself what your errors in your judgment are, and if you seem to procrastinate on doing the task, just do it immediately without thinking any more about doing it. So for example before I wrote this blog, it is almost midnight I’m very tired and about to goto bed.  I sit on my bed for a second and lay down, and think to myself oh, I haven’t written my page today and brushed my teeth.  Like everyone does for the most part, laying there comfortably, ah, what a pain to do those chores.  But then I remember, and use the knowledge I had.  Procastinating on those two is a current error in my judgement which would affect me later on, the habit, and then right then and there, without thinking any more I uncomfortbly got up wrote my page, and did my brushing up before bed.  After that, I felt good, and that is called “personal power,” the ability to take action.

t is late at night and I started to decide if I should write my one page today, or go to bed. I also needed to brush my teeth, as I sat there and started thinking about it, I just went ahead and immediately wrote my page, went to brush my teeth. And ladies and gentlemen, that is called “personal power,” taking action.

Although I still struggle with this sometimes I constantly try to immediately take action and think about future results.  It is so exciting and you do it more and more often, it becomes more natural and you start to gain control.  It is so incredible when you know that you are doing the right activity, applying knowledge, and being productive, it is an incredible feeling.  So here it is one more time, and think about applying it in your life.

  • Asking yourself, “What will the errors in my current judgment cost me in the future?”
  • And, whenever I start to even think about procastinating anything, immediately take action, do whatever it is you are procastinating about without thinking twice about it.

You can apply it to all areas in your life. Incredible.