Only 2 Hours and 10 minutes late to my final exam today!

This morning I will was up till about 6am after working on the book, websites, reading blogs and my book, Six Great ideas.  I set the alarm on my laptop, because my orignal alarm broke.  Thought I was ready to go, had to wake up at about 7:30, so I would have had an hour and a half of sleep.  Well it turns out, for some odd reason, I don’t know why my laptop alarm clcok did not go up, and while my GEO final started at 9am I was asleep.  Please note that I’am like a 10 minute drive from school, so I get up and look down at my computer which lost its battery power and is dead.

At first glance, I’m alittle confused and then realize I’m WAY late for my final exam.  Anyways, instead of stressing about it like most people do I thought of the best case situtation in my head, which was approaching the professor during the last minutes of the exam and asking for another retake.  Although I knew it was greatly to my benefit that I sat in the front row every class so the professor saw me there everyday.

Bolting out the door, I got in my car and had to park in the teacher’s spot!  I ran to Wiegner 151 where the tests were takin place, I walk in theres like only five people finishing up there exams.  They kinda look over at me like I’m a crazy guy, what, coming to class 10 minutes before the final exam is due.  But always feeling positive about the situtation, after talking to Dr. Lillie he was more than happy to allow me to take the test tommorow at 6pm, which I better not miss because I sat in front of class everytime.  I then took my math final after leaving, came back to my car and luckily there was no ticket there.
Anyways, I thought that was pretty cool.  Don’t think about the negatives, just think about the positive outcomes that will arise from the situtation.  Yes there is negative, but think 95% positive about everything.  It also helps to sit in the front of class where the teacher can see you as it builds report, had he never seen me before, I’m sure he woulda said no way wes.  Also make sure you got a working alarm clock. Wow, that was sketchy.

  • So are you saying that you lack good time management?

  • Yeah in the morning, it is not one of my strengths. Meetings for late afternoon hours I see will be happening.