I’m Excited School & Programming

Today was a good day, I studied for my math, and geology final for tommorow. I should be doing above average on both of those tests and did it fairly quick. I do not understand how some people spend several days studying for exams, but I’m sure they do not understand the entrepreneur risk taker either. Regardless, after that I spoke with my realtor, got a new good faith estimate so we are going to be look at some properties together soon.

He recommended me not to rush into an investment property which I whole heartly agree with him. Although most people wouldn’t appreciate my new facebook image I created, the personal developed would. Funny enough, I spent to long making the visualization but everytime I log into facebook it is there, showing me some of the experiences I will have. I found out the maximum picture for a facebook profile image is 200×600, so I decided to create the largest one. Profile images are also a good way to advertise your buisness or whatever because how large they can be, and at how many people see them. I’ll create a blog later on the power of networking, but unlike most books, networking in the web 2.0 community through forums, emails, instant messaging, blogs, etc.

I got back to programming my website and all is good, it has taken me a couple hours to figure out how to let someone log into my site, and start to edit their information. Although it is a great experience, and after this break there will be nothing stopping me from releasing my new web 2.0 product that will attract some heavy traffic.

It is 2:27am right now, I have a test at 9:30am. Today is the last day of finals, then I have the full month’s break to be productive and finding a new roommate because Steve is graduating today. Although I think I found a roommate, or two off my website CorvallisClassifieds.net, there is also a corvallis apartment database I created for anyone searching for apartments in corvallis. If you are reading this, and going to be in Portland, OR area and interested in creating some residual income please contact me through email. I’am not going to pitch you on anything, but would welcome you if you want to join a team of individuals who are going to be creating websites on the internet for a large sum of income + residuals.