The Journey of 1 Page A Day, Begins Again, For Good

Several months ago I decided to write a book on the law of association, “How you become the combined average of the five people you associate the most with.” For several months my books was moving steadily along, it had accumlated over 50 pages of brain storming material, a table of contents, layout, outline, and was getting closer to being ready. Then for some reason my negative thoughts were clouding my mind and I lost interest in writing the book. So for about the last two months I have stopped writing my book, and it has been sitting as a useful resource loaded with typos that I ended up letting my friend up in Ohio read.

As I mentioned in my previous blog I’m helping out a fellow aspiring entrepreneur start his first internet venture, we are talking online and I hope to help him achieve his future goals. We talk alot about buisness, reading books, and general fun stuff, its great to know that he relates so well to me. I’m encourgaging him to work on himself, so I’m sending him some CDs in the mail tommorow and went ahead and sent him my unfinished book. Why Not?

Well after he read the book he mentioned he enjoyed reading it, thought it was good and suggested I complete the book. I agreed with him and want to finish the book, and after studying how the mind works I’m able to write the book with more enthusasim. See what was happening is my daily page a day started to get on my nerves, I’d wait till way late at night to do it, and hammer out one page a day.

With one page a day, after a year that is 365 pages of a good book written. That was my goal, but I was loosing my daily discipline. So after learning the Silivia Mind Control method, it mentioned the following. “If you want to regain enthusiam about something you are doing, review the benefits.” Know why you are doing it. We do not wash our dishes, to wash our dishes, we wash our dishes so we have a clean kitchen with dishes ready to be used. I was looking at the negative aspect of writing everyday, while instead, I should have, and now I do, look at the positive side, the end result of being able to write a book.

Book WritingSo heres my why, the why makes it all worthwhile. I’am writing a book so I can give back to the community which has helped me out throughout my life. It is a chance for me to share some quality information that has positively affected me, and I’m able to share it with others. It gives me a credible source to referr to when selling myself when people want to invest in me and my buisnesses. Although I do not necessarily like titles, it would be nice to know that at age 19 I have successfully writen a book and call myself an author. I’m able to inspire, instruct, and help others succeed with the knowledge in the book. And maybe, it will provide me with some residuals from the book selling (even though I might just make it for free), and bring more attention to my works.

See how much more compelling the why is, other than, I want to just write a book. This is why, I’ve regained focus and will continue to publish the book and will probably just place it on my site for free so someone can read it. Then possibly make the next book a best seller, maybe, if I really want it.

What is so funny about the whole situtation is my writing is very basic, in high school I read about 2-3 books, and did not enjoy writing. Now all of the sudden I’m writing a book and barely pass my writing classes, but the grades won’t stop me, its just ironic. I would have never thought I’d do this. You will be reading it if you stay in touch with me.