To Many Buisness Ideas, No Focus, No Progress

If you are an entrepreneur you have probably came into the challenge of having to much abundance in your life. If you are like me, an individual who wants to achieve massive success, there is always to many ideas to pursue. So many infact, that if you tried to do all of them you would literally never get anything done at all. The current most efficient way I can solve this is by cutting out buisness ventures.

My friend Alex Neighbors wanted to do a buisness with me on a local scale in Corvallis, which would be oriented towards Google for a sellout later for some millions. Great idea, can work, and it has massive potential if he sets his mind to it. With his enthuasiam got me excited about the idea and I went for it. Although in the back of my mind, I’m always deciding with if I should join or not. I helped him a little bit for the first week, but after thinking, and looking back more I have decided to drop it and focus on my other objectives.

Right now I’am already battling with five priorities which take up a signifcant amount of time already. And can take up as much time as I want to devote to them:

  1. School
  2. and my partnership with Pineapple Racing
  3. Setting up a solid foundation for the OSU Real Estate Investment Club for the winter 2007 term
  4. Purchasing an investment property in N Portland
  5. Programming and Starting a new web 2.0 buisness, which I will reveal to everyone within a month after completion
  6. Writing 1 page of my book a day on the Law of Association

Those are the main tasks that I’am facing, although yes, I could add more to my plate, I would loose focus. I love the MP3 by Donald Trump, if you have not heard it you should definintely check it out. Visit Why We Want You To Be Rich website, and you can download it for free. It’s an incredible MP3 which Donald Trump tells us of his philosophies of buisness success most important he says the following.

You have to have momentum to get anything done, and you must have focus. The moment you loose your focus you will also loose your momentum, the two go together. When I heard that, it made sense, and has been something I’ve been having a challenge with for almost two years. To much abundance, although I will cut out some more of my activities above to, the best I can do is start to lead others(I don’t like the term dictate) the tasks to other people who can pursue the vision of each mission.

It would be best if I just had one focus, so stay focused on whatever you need to do.

  • Tom

    Withous focus, nothing can be achieved. Focus one goal and keep approaching it and sooner or later you will be reach it.