Intelligent Self Interest

Sharing is intelligent self interest and I’ve been enjoying the process ever since I started it.  Simply put if I share an idea with ten people, they hear the idea once, but I hear the idea ten times.  By sharing information, and teaching people we are able to gain self interest as well.  This is why it is called, “Intelligent Self Interest,” by Jim Rohn.

Here is my intelligent self interest, I’m starting the Oregon State University Real Estate Investment Club to teach students how to invest in real estate.  That is the instrinic values, the extrinisc values are that I learn how to become a better public speaker, learn more about real estate myself, have more connections, able to really help people succeed, and have a lot of fun doing it.  I’m also helping a fellow entrepreneur in high school, who I met online and I’ve been trying to help him get going on a buisness.

The greatest experiences, and most rewarding events are when someone places your name in their testimonial.  How incredibly wonderful is that to hear that you have been able to positively affect someone’s life, it is huge and it is something we should all strive for.  As Zig Zigler says, “If you help everyone get what they want, you’ll have everything you want.”  And that is exactly what I’m doing in my ventures, if I can help several people make a $100,000 a year income, I surely can do it for myself.

Intelligent Self Interest, Learn to Share, Learn to Give. So Incredible.