I Work, While Others Study

Although studying for finals is extremely important in getting good grades in school, I tend to focus my time on creating a business that will provide residual income. It’s interesting to point out my mentor’s philopsophy, Jim Rohn, “If You Could Do Better, Should You.” I agree with his statement to a point, that we should do better, but only to a point. It seems that you can only do so much better to a degree where you have to lessen the degree of other influences. For example, I can focus on school and buisness, but lean more on the other.

Despite this, as an entrepreneur I still do all of my homework and get fairly decent grades. My average GPA is around a 3.2 which is majority B’s and Lower A’s. Although I could get all A’s if I really wanted to, and some say I should, in my mind the grades will not determine my net worth. I appreciate school, dropped out, and have returned but think they are overrated. In conclusion I tend to work on my buisnesses for most of dead week while everyone is studying, and thats what I just been doing.

I hate to sound almost negative towards grades, I do think they are actually quite important.  The further I look back upon my grades has made a huge impact in my life.  With out a strong grade ethics in middle school, and an average gpa around 2.3 during middle school lacking focus, during my high school years I also had a low gpa.  This low gpa has influenced where I have gone to school, and grades have opened and closed doors.

When I relate it today, if I had better grades during middle school, my grades probably would have been higher during high school which would of helped getting into a higher class university.  Oregon State University is great, although there is much more action and opportunity in living in the Silicon Valley which is where I plan on moving potentially.  At my current point in life, as a college student, I’m still lost in respects to where exactly I’d like to go.  At this moment I’m at OSU studying buisness, and working on a project that I believe will expand throughout the world even if I’m in corvallis.  And when the Real Estate Club gets going, I might not want to leave it, but continue to build it.  What I’m saying in my current stage is that if I’m going to stay at OSU it really makes no difference if I’m getting all A’s, or all B’s, I don’t get C’s and don’t get D’s.  So this is the end of my studying, school, and buisness conflicting rant.