Wow, Blogs Are Incredibly Useful – I Never Knew Till Now

Little did I know that reading other entrepreneurs’ blogs would be so englightening. It is true that you become the combined average of the five people you associate with the most. So if you want to become a bum, associate with five bums, I’m telling you the bums will tell you everything on how they came to be. But if you want to be successfull associate with five successful people. I’m not going to go into exactly why this works, it’s covered in my book, which isn’t published but just take it as its mostly true. You are affected by the people around you.

Regardless, reading other entrepreneur’s blogs on the internet has been incredible insightful to what is going on. It is a community of success driven people and you can start to read, and understand their philosophies for buidling wealth. A great way to learn from people who are doing something., is a 19 year old entrepreneur who makes some where around 20-30k/month I presume, while, is another webprereneur that knows all the new trends and posts them on his site. Regardless, the blogs is an incredible resource to learn about entrepreneurship to whats going on. Lastly, this other guy has a blog about how he is going to make a million dollars in 90 days, another has a guy with 1.8 million dollar in debt from investing into 8 houses with no money down.

Check it out, explore the blogs, they are very very exciting and interesting to read other peoples’ stories.  All sorts of stuff very enlightening if you want to learn about anything from personal experiences, and funny enough they all have link circles so it is easy to view just about everyone.  They all know eachother.