Should I Program Myself?

I’ve been debating whether or not it would be worthwhile to program my new web 2.0 project myself, or have someone else do it for an equity share. I’m closing the idea to having another program it for a one-time fee because it will result in me having to re-program someone else’s work in the future. Here is what I came up with.

Why wouldn’t I?

The only reason I wouldn’t program myself is:

  1. I did know how
  2. I was to busy
  3. I felt my time could be spent on other areas of the business more productively
  4. There was to much work

Why Should I?

Well after reviewing the reasons why I wouldn’t, I can do all those in the above list just fine.  It just takes work, will take alot of time finish it, and then after the website is complete bringing in residuals then I will outsource the programming once I can pay out.  I’d almost be lazy to not program it, is what it looks like now.

Disadvantages of Programming Myself

  1. Uses my own time
  2. I have to learn new languages
  3. Everything will rely on me
  4. I will be able to spend less time promoting
  5. Venture Capitals would not invest in my projects if I was solo

Advantages of Programming Myself

  1. Know the system thoroughly
  2. Easier to edit, update, and change functionality on the website
  3. Able to own the site 100%
  4. I know exactly what is going on in the code
  5. I’m able to hire programmers more efficiently.
  6. I would learn valuable skills to create more sites.
  7. I would not have to rely on other people.
  8. I would not have to share the company with other people
  9. Keeps the intellectual property safe


It makes sense for me to program my own websites, it puts me in control, I determine how stuff works, and I own 100% of the company. I have already 6 years of programming experience; once the site was fully operated it would not need any much more programming. At that point anyways, when the job was getting to big I would be able to hire programmers’ full time to work on the site in any respect. Thus, I will program my own site and close it off to 3rd parties programming my websites for me.