I’am So Happy and Grateful Now That

Here are my goals for the next three years, which I will accomplish. It’s so powerful to have your goals infront of you everyday, it keeps people focused, and leads individual’s towards their destinys. But instead of just saying my goals, I say, “Im So Happy and Grateful Now That,” because in my mind I’m visualizing it in the present tense and it’s so much more powerful.

  • I’m earning $100,000 a year on January 1st, 2009 from several websites that generate money from advertising. I’m also earning passive income from my four plexs, that I own under my corporation with tax write offs.
  • RotaryEngineIllustrated.com is making $100 a day on January 1st, 2008, from Google Adsense. The drop shipping business is completely setup earning a passive residual income stream. There are 3 people working full time on the site receiving checks by my corporation.
  • I’m mentoring three students and helping them achieve their goals. I also have a mentor for real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and a general mentor.
  • I attend every personal development seminar that I’m able to attend to. I’m reading everyday, studying wealth, relationships, health, real estate, entrepreneurship, and the lives of successful people.
  • I’m living in the Silicon Valley in 2008-2009, and enrolled in a University studying entrepreneurship.
  • I’m the owner of a four-plex investment property, which produces a positive cash flow and great appreciation in 2008.
  • I’m traveling throughout China, visiting the Great Wall, my Chinese grandparent’s birth place, then traveling to Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and learning from other cultures.
  • The Real Estate Club has 50 dedicated people that attend weekly during the winter 2007 school term.

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