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The Most Rewarding Experience

I believe that the most rewarding experience in life is having your name appear in another person’s testimonial. After my mentor Mr. Sean Mikael a very successfull multi-level marketer who was my upline for several months got me started. Although I was already reading some books, he sent me some CDs that dramatically impacted my life. CDs that gave me philosophies, guidance, and wisdom about becoming more successful, in all areas of life.

MentoringI truly must say that I’am gratiful for him, and that he will almost remain a figure in my life. He got me started.

As I mentioned in another article about intelligent-self interest, sharing. I have begun the task of helping people achieve their dreams. There is a painter at our house by the name of Jason B, I have known him for several years now and only till recently I’ve had enough knowledge to positively affect other peoples lives. Awhile back ago I gave him a CD on success philosophies by Jim Rohn. He enjoyed the CD as he told me a week or so later.

After that I was excited as well, not only can the audience be transformed, but so can the speaker. So I gave him some more material to help him. Personal Development material, among them were how to become financially indepedent, and the art of exceptional living by Jim Rohn. Now, less than a week later he has begun reading books building a library. He is reading a bilbography on Hitler, and Ghandi. One to see how high you can go, and one to see how low and disiciplicible a human being can become. He has picked up some more books on programming your mind for success, one on parenting, one on philosophies and his wife has given him some CDs on becoming by Anthony Robbins.

Today, I know understand fully why I take the time to help others. Because it is the most rewarding experience in the world. Today he say, you got me started, thanks because of the CDs you have given me it is changing my life for the better, I appreciate that, thank you.

And wow, being in someone’s personal testimonial, Jim Rohn was right, that is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. He is a contractor, and there is a book by the E-Myth company about why most small contracting companies don’t worry. I have more CDs, but he has taken the step to purchase them himself, and now he has ten books and over 8 CDs for personal development. He told me, “I Started My Library.” Wow.

He started telling me all the wonderful techniques that he had learned from Tony Robbins, we had a fun time because I could whole-heartedly relate to him.  And we both seemed to talk like the speaker Jim Rohn. This has all happened in less than a couple weeks, and I believe he will continue the craft after listening to Jim Rohn.  I believe Jim Rohn, on the art of exceptional living is the foundation for all successful living in my personal opinion.

Starting a Library will change your life. I’am now learning how to mentor other people, it is something I believe I want to do, I’ve considered becoming a personal development professional like Anthony Robbins although I have not decided yet. Regardless, I would like to give him more information, but alas, to much overload is not a good thing either. So what I’m going to do, although he has already purchased books, I was going to buy him another book on the contractors, and then with a note attached, a gift, that says only open this after you have read the book, with a gift ceritifcat to a bookstore near his house to continue his craft.

I’m off to San Francisco for the weekend to visit my grandparents, who I’am so terribly gratiful for.

The Scorpion and the Frog

ScorpionDo you know the story of the Scorpion and the Frog?

  • One day, a scorpion looked around at the mountain where he lived and decided that he wanted a change. So he set out on a journey through the forests and hills. He climbed over rocks and under vines and kept going until he reached a river.
  • The river was wide and swift, and the scorpion stopped to reconsider the situation. He couldn’t see any way across. So he ran upriver and then checked downriver, all the while thinking that he might have to turn back.
  • Suddenly, he saw a frog sitting in the rushes by the bank of the stream on the other side of the river. He decided to ask the frog for help getting across the stream.
  • “Hellooo Mr. Frog!” called the scorpion across the water, “Would you be so kind as to give me a ride on your back across the river?”
  • “Well now, Mr. Scorpion! How do I know that if I try to help you, you wont try to kill me?” asked the frog hesitantly.
  • “Because,” the scorpion replied, “If I try to kill you, then I would die too, for you see I cannot swim!”
  • Now this seemed to make sense to the frog. But he asked. “What about when I get close to the bank? You could still try to kill me and get back to the shore!”
  • “This is true,” agreed the scorpion, “But then I wouldn’t be able to get to the other side of the river!”
  • “Alright then…how do I know you wont just wait till we get to the other side and THEN kill me?” said the frog.
  • “Ahh…,” crooned the scorpion, “Because you see, once you’ve taken me to the other side of this river, I will be so grateful for your help, that it would hardly be fair to reward you with death, now would it?!”
  • So the frog agreed to take the scorpion across the river. He swam over to the bank and settled himself near the mud to pick up his passenger. The scorpion crawled onto the frog’s back, his sharp claws prickling into the frog’s soft hide, and the frog slid into the river. The muddy water swirled around them, but the frog stayed near the surface so the scorpion would not drown. He kicked strongly through the first half of the stream, his flippers paddling wildly against the current.
  • Halfway across the river, the frog suddenly felt a sharp sting in his back and, out of the corner of his eye, saw the scorpion remove his stinger from the frog’s back. A deadening numbness began to creep into his limbs.
  • “You fool!” croaked the frog, “Now we shall both die! Why on earth did you do that?”
  • The scorpion shrugged, and did a little jig on the drownings frog’s back.
  • “Because I’am a scorpion”
  • Then they both sank into the muddy waters of the swiftly flowing river.

Why do I tell this story, well because simply, there are Scorpions in our lives, and they do evil, just because they can, it’s there nature. At 3am I was awoken by my car alarm, in the morning it turns out that someone slashed my rear left tire on my Integra, and threw a large rock at my driver’s side window in attempt to break it. Although I do think I know who did it, I won’t publicly say so on here. But I believe it to be the same person who also keyed my car, and keyed another one of my cars, and also totaled another one.

After I realized it today, I thought of the story of the Scorpion and the Frog. Sometimes, things just don’t make sense. There are people like the Scorpions in our lives, who do bad, just to do bad, and it is just their nature. Everyone should know the story of the scorpion and the frog.

Heres An Idea

Well I’m sure like yourself, as a fellow entrepreneur reading this forum you have had, and have many buisness ideas.  Sometimes we can not sleep at night, we seem to goto bed more excited than during the day. Here is an interesting philosophy.

If you have lots of ideas, or whatever in your mind.  Write them down.  When you remove the thoughts from your mind, put them on paper, you open up your mind to new ideas, and allow them to flow in.  Otherwise you are trying to remember everything, and forget stuff.

Anyways, I had a little simple invention which I’m not going to pursue, I know what I’m going to do for the next 2-3 years I’ll tell you guys too after my website is done.  But if you own a corporation, or home-based buisness you can save money on your mileage in your car.  Well, I seem to forget to log my miles every time I get in the car.   We are suppose to write down how many miles we drove, when, where we went, and what purpose it was.

It would be nice, and its just a matter of time before it is implemented.  A device when you get into the car, voice prompt, “is this drive for business.” Ok, “what purpose is the business” and it electronically logs your mileage into the device, and you can print it out at the end of the year and save. What $0.45/gallon?

Ever heard the phrase, Food For Thought?  Our minds need ideas, just as we need food, to keep them going, keep them thinking.  Maybe this will spark an idea for you.  And if you have an idea, just do it. So many people have ideas, that are incredible, they are capable of doing it, but the difference is some takes action, while others do not.


even stronger,

COULD, SHOULD, WON’T, don’t could mean your careless, won’t probrably means your stubborn.  But here is what we should be thinking and doing.

COULD, SHOULD, WILL. and do, take action!

The Ants Are Busy Working All Season Long

Well I made a mistake, another one! Incredible! I messed up, I thought the kid wanted to a full trade, but it turns out he wants cash in addition to my car, which I’m not going to do.

Regardless, I have been busy working on my web 2.0 website, it is really starting to come together.  It is so incredible, to have an idea, and be able to manifest the creation before your very eyes by programming a website.   I’m spending about 8 hours a day on my website, it is basically occupying my time full time.

I want to say, I appreciate you guys for helping me.  The readers of my forum, I appreciate your guys’ comments, suggestions, and wanting to network with me.  I really believe we are all going to do big things, are we are going to work together.  Let me extend even more appreciate and help you get started with a blog, I can even potentially host it for you as a friend who wants to help others succeed.

Regardless of this strange rant, I’m making progress, a couple simple disciplines repeated daily, over and over, and they are having an incredible slight edge affect.   I can probably show you guys my website pretty soon, it is not really top secret, I just want people to see the final product when it is done.  However, it will show everyone how simple you can make something that fills a need in the market place.  My inspiration, I have a vision board.  Is Kevin Rose, the Digg creator on my wall that says, “How this Kid Made $60 Million in 18 months.”  Thats were we are going.

Can I Make An Extra $5,000 – $10,000? Of Course.

Well, after thinking about how much time and money I’ve spent into getting my car ready for sale. It is paying off, I would not normally talk about selling a car, because it is just a car sale, however it seems to keep getting interesting. This 19 year old student is selling a 94 Red Toyota Supra, Twin Turbo, although I said sell, he is actually looking to trade it for a Mazda RX-7, 1993.

It is funny how much you can find out about people, after searching his screen name on google, I found that he was a member of the Supra Forums. After searching through posts, I actually found a thread he started, asking others what he thought his car is worth. He originally posted it for $36,000, but now is taking $33,000 for it, however, everyone in the community that was high, but could probably get around $30,000 for it. And he wants to trade, for a 3rd generation RX-7, and likes my RX-7 which is worth ~$20k. Exactly, that is a $10,000 difference. He lives in Irvine, CA, I live in Portland, it will cost about $400 in gas to do the transaction. But an interesting offer, I will post more details when it goes through.

But long story short, getting my car detailed, put back together, and creating the sales page, spending almost 30 hours in getting it ready is starting to pay off dividends, I’m currently waiting for him to call me back. As I now want to do the transaction asap, trade my RX-7, and sell the Supra. Giving me more than $25,000 to invest in property. Combined with an already $35,000 I would now have $60,000 for a downpayment on a property, at 10% down, that is a $600,000 invsetment property. After that, I’ll buy a Ferrari instead of an RX-7.

Maximizing Learning – Online Conference

My good friend Stephen Ramil had a good idea to maximize the learning we do from reading books. His idea was to get together and teach eachother the concepts that we learn while reading helpful books. I think it is a great idea, and we thought it would be cool to do an online conference call, with visual, and interaction with a flashtalk system. Consider it like a weekly free, session on creating wealth, or becoming more successful in any field for free via the web. A web conference where you can log on and learn, the most important part free.

Flash talk allows people on the internet to get in a conference room, see visuals with powerpoint, and direct users to websites. (where we would have an interactive learning tool, to increase learning as well).  Learn about the different levels of learning.

Whats in it for the speakers, well the speakers receive intelligent self-interest, by teaching, and sharing to others. They hear the concept 10 times, while the audience hears it once. If you teach a subject, “for the most part,” the teacher always knows it best, has studied it, and thus increasing his or her knowledge and the audience. If you are interesting in being apart of a web conference like this, please comment here.

Website Progress – Foundation

It is about 5:45AM right now, I woke up at 5:30PM today. Although there have not been to many interesting ideas to post as of today, which I can share at the moment I should add. The website has been making steady progress and several times today I saw a great need for my service which will be great.

I like what Zig Ziglar has to say about building a character foundation, he quotes some of the tallest buildings in the world, have the largest foundations in the world. The larger the foundation, the better it is, more stable, higher integrity the higher you can grow. This is applied to people in how we need to build a character foundation, so we can be able to go way way up.

For my website, it has taken sometime, but instead of doing a whack job programming it, I’ve learned the backbone of the php and mysql, but most importantly have now understood the security side to it. I’m making the site very secure, and understand it better now, and deleted all my exisiting code and just rewrote the whole thing to make it more efficient.

One things I just did was removing the variables from the URL:

  • Instead of:
  • It turns into

If you are not familiar with Search Engine Optimization, the 2nd example, the after-product, is ideal for search engines to pickup the keywords in the url. I currently now have the user registration ready, editing user, and then the fun stuff beings today.

I’ve also shared some MP3s now with a fellow entrepreneur in Texas I believe, he was interested in learning stuff about creating income online. I met him through facebook, and the cds I sent to my friend in Ohio should be arriving soon. He he is getting close to finishing Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and already his mindset is set, his navigational thinking, set on building a buisness for himself. And he understands the taxes, and has said thanks to me. So I appreciate that.

And still working on the book, 1 page a day! I’m now in editing mode! I’m thinking about creating an online library like Ben Casnocha so I can see all the books I read and look at my progress. Taking a picture of my library every month.

Oh, and for some reason my RSS FEED broke, so if your using a reader it won’t update. Incredible!

Today will be incredibly… productive..

It is 6am right now, yesterday I was so tired after applying my no prcastination technique that I found myself keep doing chores throughout the day without hestitating to do them. Needless to say I was able to accomplish quite a bit of chores that I needed to do anyways. Having a Bank of America personal account, Wells Fargo buisness account, and Wells Fargo personal account does not make life easy when you want to purchase checks, sign up for overdraft, sign up for new credit cards and lines of credit for each individual account. You would think it’d just be 2 calling locations, but no, it is three because Wells Fargo personal is a different department than the buisness.

Anyways, I just do no understand why Wells Fargo has so many fees, I applied for overdraft poretction. I thought that with overdraft protection they would not charge you, at least Bank of America Doesn’t, when you overdraft your account. Although Wells Fargo decides to charge even when you have an overdraft with overdraft protection, wow. Does not sound like much of overdraft protection to me when I still get a fee for overdrafting. Anyways, I was also to get my 93 RX-7 close to being able to sell with removing, and replacing the stereo back to OEM, I’m going to be installing it today and putting my Integra back together this week. I can not wait to sell the car and get my thousands back to place it into my bank accounts and stop preventing all the Wells Fargo Fees.

Because I have several accounts with Wells Fargo, and they are not at the minimum balance to receive no fees, I have to pay $20/month because I do not have over 4.5k spread out throughout my accounts, that $20/month is $240/yr just paying away to fees.

But regardless I’m headin in a new direction, I do not have to go back to the same situtation I was before with overdrafts weekly. But today I’m excited because I’m able to work on my new web 2.0 communit all day today and believe I will get a majority of the work done today for it. The last couple of days I have been doing research on how to make the site secure, I never knew how easy it was to hack into peoples’ accounts on the internet on some of theses less secure sites. I’m also doing about an hour of personal development a day, and increased it from 30 minutes a day, as Jim Rohn says, one hour a day will help you to become rich, although 30 minutes a day, half rich isn’t bad either.

My friend in Ohio, Adriel, the high school student I’m helping out has just started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki and to say the very least he has enjoyed the reading so far. He has read about 70 pages in 3 days, a great momentum to work on himself, I had him teach me what he learned because I know that if he teaches others, he will retain the information the best over all other methods. He also read my book, and recommended that I finish it, so I have been working daily on that, I have now sent him down several CDs of personal development to listen to. I will be so interesting to see where this friendship lands up.

It is one thing to read a book, but it is another thing to get the most out of it. This graph shows you why I don’t just congradulate him on reading the book but have him teach me the principals he has learned. So I can hear them again, and so he can too.

We Learn / Remember:

  • 10% of what we READ
  • 20% of what we HEAR
  • 30% of what we SEE
  • 70% of what we DISCUSS with others
  • 80% of what we EXPERIENCE personally
  • 90% of what we TEACH someone else

Now the above table is different on most different sources, but they all agree that we begin to retain more information when we are actively engaging ourselves. Where as reading is usually on the bottom of the list, it is not that active, while teaching is on the top. Consider why teaching is on the top? Now you know the how, but if you know why, you’ll make it better.

Free Wealth Building Seminars In Large Cities

Public SpeakingI’m greatly interested in setting up large seminars, which would be free to the public teaching others how to generate wealth in various ways. This concept is contrary to the typical pay for seating at large seminars. I have a passion to teach others, and a strong passion to get on stage and be able to do public speaking. This is one of my main driving factors to establishing the OSU Real Estate Club at my University and I’ve even thought about doing free wealth building seminars for any apartment tenants of mine.

Most people do not think this way, they are thinking of a lose win situation when teaching other people they rely on, how to become successful. Unfortunately, I’d almost feel bad if my tenants where living in my investment property and someone never shared with them the ideas for success like others have done for me. “Do unto others, as you would like done for yourself,” as the phrase more or less going. When I’m an extremely successful people, I’d love to mentor people, inspire them and more importantly, lead them to take action.

I feel that after I graduate, I will start free wealth building seminars in Portland, then moving towards downtown. To raise funding for the building would be contacting business to have them sponsor the event, a much more difficult route to providing funding, but the seminars would get so much attention banks, and other programs would love to attend. I can see MLM recruiters, Loan Officers, Venture Capitalists, everyone being there to network and learn how to become more successful, for free.

Here is the real question, would you attend a free weekly seminar, a professional presentation that taught you how to create wealth through various means, or success in general. Please comment if you would, or would not, let me know what you think on the idea. I believe it has potential and will help a lot of people, and would be incredibly rewarding and fun to do. Would you attend? How would you fund the event through other means than people paying to get in. Maybe an optional membership to sit up front, but money not required, ideas?

Public Speaking

Time Invested Is Worth A Fortune

After moving all of my furniture to a new apartment In corvallis, and celebrating my mother’s birthday today I’m now going to focus 95% of my energy on creating the web 2.0 community.  There is aproximately one month, and when the time is invested properly what a fortune it can create.  With the technique described below I’ve been eliminating procastination and just doing it.  After speaking with my great friend, and buisness associate Nick Boushay we both agreeed that alot of success has to do is not necessarily intelligence, but just taking action and doing what your passionate about.